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Flexible Thinking
Music Video

I was asked to create a music video for a children's educational song that teaches the importance of "flexible thinking" when times get tough.


This project called for fully animated characters that would sing along to a light and poppy tune. 

The Challenge




Inspire to Create




I was lucky enough to work alongside Diane, the creator of this world. She provided a lot of wonderful reference material that I was able to use to create the assets for the video. 

Duik is one of my favorite plugins, so I used it to rig all the characters for all the IK goodness. Now, let's these characters get moving!

The Solution

Character Rigs

The completed video has been uploaded to Diane's YouTube channel and has amassed over 70,000 views as of December 2021.


It's great to know a few more people are aware of flexible thinking in their lives!

The Result

Additional Credits

Thanks a million to Diane for being such a wonderful creator. Her vision for this world is so resonant and it was such a pleasure to get to work alongside her. Go check out her amazing educational tools and books, she makes a ton of amazing content!

Creator and Illustrator

Diane Alber

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