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Hi there! I'm Justin.


I'm a freelance motion graphics designer working and living in Arizona. I mostly create 2D animations and design funky things in 3D.


Aside from animating, I enjoy longboarding, watching Formula 1, and playing far too many board games.

If you want to work on a project together, say hello!

Selected Awards

Motion Graphics - Role of Media in Elections — 2021, Telly (Gold)
Animation - Using Appropriate Units — 2021, Telly (Bronze)
Title Design - World History — 2020, Telly (Silver)
Animation – Alexander the Great – 2020, Telly (Bronze)
Title Design - Chemistry — 2019, Telly (Silver)
Title Design - English — 2019, Telly (Silver)
Short Documentary - Career Connections: Graphic Design — 2019, Telly (Silver)
Animation – Key Terms – 2018, Telly (Gold)
Title Design - Gaming Unlocked — 2018, Telly (Silver)
2D Animation – Motion: Isaac Newton's First Law – 2017, Rocky Mountain Emmy
Animation – The Piano – 2017, Telly (Silver)
Animation – Models In Science – 2017, Telly (Bronze)
Graphics – Models In Science – 2017, Telly (Bronze)
Art Direction – Models In Science – 2017, Telly (Bronze)
Music – Motion: Isaac Newton's First Law – 2017, Telly (Bronze)

Side Projects

Tabletop Game - I made a solo tabletop game set in space

Beyond Sector X

Tabletop RPG Maps - I create maps for tabletop RPG adventures

Tome of Maps

Music Stuff - Songs that I make and a band with my buds


Rough Tough Dynamite

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