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Chemistry Course
Title Design

I was asked to create a concept and animate a title slate for a Chemistry course for an education company. I was responsible for creating the storyboard, animating the graphics, and incorporating sound design. 

The Challenge








I knew that the periodic table of elements as well as molecules were going to be a major area of focus for the students taking the course, so I decided to utilize the imagery of chemistry-related objects as the main visuals for this piece.

The designs were created by Michelle Vilavanh, a talented graphic designer, who created the look and style for this course. The imagery was the perfect match for the title slate.

The Solution




The finished project was used to introduce various scientific videos to students enrolled in this Chemistry course.


I had a ton of fun creating this project, and it even went on to win a Silver Telly award for Title Design in 2019!

The Result

Additional Credits

A huge shoutout to the two awesome people who helped this project make possible. Y'all are the best around!

Graphic Design

Michelle Vilavanh

Creative Director + Animator

Adam Denning

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