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Urban Venture
Video Game Titles

I was recently asked to collaborate with Evolve PR and the gaming company Simteract in creating a series of motion graphics titles for their upcoming game trailer. My responsibilities included conceptualizing, designing, and animating all the motion graphics elements featured in the trailer.

The Challenge


2D Animation



Evolve PR




Our top priority was to avoid any distractions from the game's core visuals, so we opted for a clean and straightforward theme. This way, the gameplay graphics could stand out, especially when compared to the simpler titles. We found this style to be very useful and it complemented the overall design language of the game quite well.

The Solution



We found many impressive designs and motion graphics that served as inspiration for our project. By studying examples in the style we wanted, we created a set of titles that were inspired by projects we admired. We were able to use our new animated frames to support the purpose of the game trailer and keep the project within scope.

Moodboard Inspiration


Once the motion graphics were finished, they were passed on to an outstanding video editor who added the finishing touches to the video.


The game has now been launched on multiple platforms, and the trailer has assisted in attracting new audiences.

The Result

Additional Credits

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the completion of this animation. I would like to acknowledge the exceptional artists who played a significant role in creating this project.

Project Lead

Colin Cummings


Katrina Spreen

Video Editor

Emily Steiner-Kolm

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